How Often Should We Exercise

I haven’t had the chance to go to the gym lately but I try to do Zusana’s workouts at home.  When I do Capoeira, it’s 2.5 hours, 3 days a week intense training. But if I workout daily with varying intensity, I might be in better shape than I am now.

I was reading her entry about how often we should workout and I feel that it just might work for me. I like this good break from Capoeira but at the same time I am missing it.  For now, Zusana is my inspiration. And I’m trying to work on it as much as I can. It’s pretty hard because of all the eating this holidays. I have been pretty good in terms of my diet because I have been eating much more frequently and in less amounts. My only vice is drinking coffee everyday. But a cup a day. That’s all I have. 🙂

When I get home I’m going to do the quick work out below since I got to work late and won’t have time to hit the gym. I need to go to bed earlier is what I need to do. I have been sleeping at 1am and that’s not good!


I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas celebration with friends and family. I know I did. Nick and I drove up to Camano Island last Wednesday night to be there for Christmas Eve morning.  Nick’s mom had their house all ready for Christmas.  With all the decorations, cookies and food ready for cooking in the fridge.

I had a great time with family and actually a good friend of mine even came up to celebrate Christmas Eve with us.

Here are a couple of photos to show the fun we had. 🙂
Boot Shot

Boot Shot


Christmas Eve Walk

camano Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve on Camano Island


Christmas Cookies


Real Tree

Opening Gifts

The start of the gift opening


Slippers from my mom in-law

leather jacket

Hottie in a Leather Jacket

we got a wii

We got a Wii!!!!

dog photo

Trying to get the dogs in a photo

turkey pooping stuffing

Turkey Pooping Stuffing

Father and Son

Father and Son Playing

Nick’s 28th

Today is my husband’s birthday. It will be very chill today since we already celebrated his 28th on Dec. 13th. Here’s a photo to prove that we celebrated his day on the 13th. I know it’s a late post but hey, it’s his birthday today so it’s still timely.

Dec 13 - Nick's Bday

To my amazing husband, I love you so much! May you have the most blessed year! I pray that God continually work through you. I pray for His joy to be your strength daily.

Happy Birthday Nick!

Office Christmas Lunch

Tray 3

Market Tray

Today we had our Office Christmas Lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel. In the photo (taken with a phone cam) you’ll see what my boss’ husband ordered. It’s their Market Season Tray where all the ingredients are fresh from the Pike Place Market. It’s like a 5 star tv dinner. HAHA! How sad, I just called hotel food tv dinner. No really, it did remind me of it. What with the tray and all. But it was really really good food! I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it. It was pretty pricey. I thank my bosses for that.

Tray 2

Tray 2

I ordered the clam chowder, beef cheeks, fries and dessert pictured above. It was really good. The cheeks came shredded and shaped into a burger. I was expecting to get a beef that I would actually use a knife to cut into but oh well, it was what my bosses husband called “chewed up beef.” Don’t get me wrong, it was flavorful, but just wasn’t the texture I was expecting. It was like corned beef in a can texture. It was also my first time to try beef cheeks. I will not end my beef cheeks exploration here. I am sure there are other ways other restaurants serve this. Overall though, I was happy with what I got. 🙂

After our lunch, the manager of the Four Seasons gave us a tour of the hotel. Mostly to see the paintings of Pacific Northwest artists. He even took us to the presidential suite, which was like what… 5 times bigger than our apartment. One thing though, if I actually stayed or lived in a building like that in the downtown area, the one thing I won’t like is not being able to walk around naked with the windows open. My neighbors would see me right away. I mean it did have an amazing view of the Puget Sound but still… people on the other side of the building will be able to see me. Hey I don’t walk around naked all the time. I just like my privacy…. and walking around the apartment naked.

It was a fun time… we started lunch at 1pm and left the hotel at around 4:30pm. We obviously enjoyed ourselves. This is what I love about where I work.