Taking a Break . . . But Not Really

For this month, with the crazy Christmas schedule, I decided to take a break from Capoeira. Not just to save money for more gifts but to also try and work more on my endurance.

Strength, I have no problems with but I need to be able to be in the roda for long periods of time.  Especially if it’s your birthday, my professor thinks it’s the best day to torture you. What better way than to go against everyone in the roda.  So usually after playing  4 people, that’s when I feel like I’m about ready to faint and kiss the floor.

With that, I decided to change it up a little bit after I discovered a video on YouTube. This woman is intense, crazy fit… and yes has big boobs. But try to go past that boobs and butt and watch her workout.  She’s crazy and her body is something to strive for.  She works hard to get in great shape and you can see the results. If she can do it why can’t I right?

The video above is the workout that I have been doing at the gym for a week now.  The first time Nick and I did this,  we were so out of breath but it was soooo good! We actually hit the treadmill for another 20 minutes after our workout. So we did good!

My goal is not to be skinny, but to be fit.  Shave off all the fat in my body by eating right and working out. Doing more cardio and Zusana’s intense workouts.

I’ll be back to Capoeira in January. I wonder if my workouts will make a difference with how I play. I want to last in the roda and kick everyone’s butts!

Do you have a workout you want to share?


  1. Hey there, I hit your blog accidentally and found it quite interesting. I am a Capoeirista for myself and since you asked for workouts, there is an Professor from Israel, Ido Portal. Check out his workouts and vids on youtube. Let me know if you want to share more Informations about Capoeira or workouts.



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