Office Christmas Lunch

Tray 3

Market Tray

Today we had our Office Christmas Lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel. In the photo (taken with a phone cam) you’ll see what my boss’ husband ordered. It’s their Market Season Tray where all the ingredients are fresh from the Pike Place Market. It’s like a 5 star tv dinner. HAHA! How sad, I just called hotel food tv dinner. No really, it did remind me of it. What with the tray and all. But it was really really good food! I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it. It was pretty pricey. I thank my bosses for that.

Tray 2

Tray 2

I ordered the clam chowder, beef cheeks, fries and dessert pictured above. It was really good. The cheeks came shredded and shaped into a burger. I was expecting to get a beef that I would actually use a knife to cut into but oh well, it was what my bosses husband called “chewed up beef.” Don’t get me wrong, it was flavorful, but just wasn’t the texture I was expecting. It was like corned beef in a can texture. It was also my first time to try beef cheeks. I will not end my beef cheeks exploration here. I am sure there are other ways other restaurants serve this. Overall though, I was happy with what I got. 🙂

After our lunch, the manager of the Four Seasons gave us a tour of the hotel. Mostly to see the paintings of Pacific Northwest artists. He even took us to the presidential suite, which was like what… 5 times bigger than our apartment. One thing though, if I actually stayed or lived in a building like that in the downtown area, the one thing I won’t like is not being able to walk around naked with the windows open. My neighbors would see me right away. I mean it did have an amazing view of the Puget Sound but still… people on the other side of the building will be able to see me. Hey I don’t walk around naked all the time. I just like my privacy…. and walking around the apartment naked.

It was a fun time… we started lunch at 1pm and left the hotel at around 4:30pm. We obviously enjoyed ourselves. This is what I love about where I work.


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