It’s Another Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know it’s a really late post and should’ve blogged right away but hey, the holidays get really busy. What with all the New Year’s parties that we went to. You know how crazy Nick and I get. Actually, Nick and I were home at 10am during New Year’s Eve. We just watched the Space Needle fireworks on TV. Yes, we met the New Year just chilling on the couch… but who said nothing happened on the couch? 😉

The highlight for Nick’s and my new year was actually going to the Aquarium. What a crazy couple we are. So intense with our activities…

Here are a couple of photos that I took.


Starfish to Your Heart's Content


See the Octopus?


Nick Underwater

the slug and the fish

Slug & the Fishy Hiding in a Shell

the face only a mother could love

The Face Only a Mother Could Love

happy new year

Sunset View

West Seattle Across the Water

We Live Across the Water

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