Noodle Cravings

I know I have been recently talking a lot about exercising, capoeira and all the things that keep me fit, and I wanted you all to know that there’s more to me than that. The reason why I try so hard to be in shape is because I love FOOD!

I will tell you though, I haven’t had fast food in a long time, save for when I was at my niece’s birthday party at McDonald’s in the Philippines. That was Sept of 2009, and before then. I haven’t stepped foot in McDonald’s in years.

I’ve stopped drinking sodas years ago. I don’t drink beer or wine. And because I’m married to Nick, I have slowly learned to cut fat from the beef or pork that I’m eating. I can’t even stand chicken fat anymore. I still eat the skin though. That’s as far as I have gone in terms of eating healthy. Everything else, I eat.

The past few months there’s only one thing I crave for. And if you ask my husband and friends, they all know the answer to that. Ramen!!!!

I haven’t had the chance to make ramen at home so I make do with what I have. Udon.

tanya's udon

This is my version of Miso Udon. Instead of Miso Ramen with all the right fixings in it.  Looking at the photo I took, it looks like it was chewed up and spit out.  I just got home, made a quick udon, ate half of it and then decided to take a picture. Good job Tanya!

Anyway, about my ramen cravings, there’s only one place in Seattle that I know is the closest to authentic Japanese ramen and that’s, Samurai Noodle. It’s sad, with all the Japanese in Seattle and there’s only one good ramen place. And with all the Filipinos, why is there no Jollibee to be found? Ok, I’ll save that for another post. I do miss the chicken joy and palabok though.

In 2 months, I think I have gone to Samurai noodle 6 times. And that’s saying a lot since Nick and I don’t usually go to the same place in a month. My technique is to go to Samurai Noodle with different people, that way no one would think I am there all the time. Except maybe for the people that work there.

Also since I have been a big Google Reader fan, I have not only subscribed myself to hundreds of food blogs, but also to ramen blogs. I just discovered this 3 guys who go to different ramen places in Japan. They of course, take the photos, eat the ramen and make a review about it. All in their blog. What a wonderful way to discover Japan. Although, I would probably find myself eating all the sashimi I can get my teeth to bite into.

For now, I have to settle with trying to make my own ramen or just go to Samurai Noodle.

If you live in Seattle, Oregon or Vancouver Canada, can you recommend a good ramen place I have not heard about?


  1. timely. I’ve been going to the same ramen place (the most authentic in our village at least) for the past 2 days now because the noodle craving won’t go away. Last night they wouldn’t let me go take out and today, they were closed. So unlucky.

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