Where Did January Go?

This I’m sure this will be a mess of a post. I just can’t believe that it’s a few days from February and my birthday. It’s like the whole month happened in a week.

It’s been a busy one, especially today. Worked almost 10 hours on my deadlines. Goodness. I can’t wait for the time when Nick’s done with school, already working and I’d be making money part time. And no, no kids yet. That’s the plan. That’s the plan. God could change it anytime.

So tomorrow, at 27 yrs. of age, I will finally take that driver’s knowledge test so I can work on getting my driver’s license. It’s crazy how important it is to have it here. In Manila, tons of people survive without driving. Everything’s so far apart here it sucks big time getting on the bus, what with all the stops and the creeps.

Let’s hope I pass the test tomorrow. Get my student driver permit then get that dang license in my wallet.

Hope you had a great week everyone. I’m off to watch a movie, review and dream of  tropical waters.

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