Needing Some Vitamin D


It’s usually around this time when I start getting very restless because of the weather.  I’ve been checking flights to Mexico, Puerto Rico and even Spain (even if the weather is pretty much the same here and there).

It’s always around this time when I feel that I need to leave and just take a break from Seattle. To fly far, far far away from here.  I love the city yeah, but I am made to be in the sun. On the beach, reading a book with my toes in the sand. I need it so bad.

This is also the time when Nick gets really annoyed with me because of all the links I send him regarding travel, beach, and just plain “Let’s get the hell out of here.” He’s a very patient one I tell you.

I will be going to San Francisco on the first weekend of March to get my passport renewed. It’s pretty stupid that there’s no way I could get it renewed here.  I have to fly down there, show my face and then get my passport.  In a way, it’s a good reason to get a trip out of here. See mi familia, eat some Filipino food, and have a fun time with my good friend Liza, since she’s travelling with me.

Nick and I are still discussing where we should go this year.  I just want to see places I have never seen before.  There’s more to this world than just Seattle. I can’t stand the cloudy skies! I need me some Vitamin D!

Where are you off to this year?


  1. Tanya! Im happy to know you have a blog! I’m putting you on my blogroll!

    Anyways, I hear ya! I know there’s heaps of beaches here but I havent had a proper beach trip this summer (summer dito!) so we’re planning to go to queensland soon! Good luck with your beach plans i hope you find the perfect beach!

  2. Well, i get my Vitamin D in Moment In Europe. Its rainy and cold but i see my Mama,Sisters and friends from College & University in Germany and France.And to celebrete your 43.Birthday in the Eifel Tower Restaurant in Paris with Absinth and a free drive with Motorbike throug the City thats unfogettable and even more than Vitamin D let me call it ADRENALIN JUNKIE!!!!! (-:

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