Words of Kindness

I’ve had conversations with random strangers on the street, bus stop, in the bus, or even in restaurants. Something happens and someone just starts the conversation. It usually starts with the weather or how cute someone’s boots are. It’s normal like that.

The other night though, it was the sweetest words I have ever heard from a stranger.

Two nights ago, Nick was really sick. He was in the bathroom a million times, he had food coming out on both ends and it was not a pretty sight. It was the first time I ever saw him sick like this.  Before I got home from work I already bought him Pepto Bismol and it didn’t seem to work. So he asked me to go to the store and get him some Sprite and saltines. Never heard about Sprite or any kind of soda to make someones stomach feel better but because Nick said that his mom made him drink pop under this circumstances and it worked, I couldn’t argue with him. (did some research and found that the carbonated water makes the stomach acids settle).

I went to the grocery store, picked up the pop and saltines then walked to the cashier to pay for my stuff.  A lady was paying for her groceries when I got to the express line. I noticed that she probably just came from work with the clothes she was wearing and rode her bike home since she was wearing biking shoes, then just picked up some things before going home.

I placed the pop and saltines down, she took a quick glance at them and smiled.  I smiled back then looked away because I wasn’t really in the mood to have a small conversation about how cold it was that night.  And I was too worried about Nick to even stay an extra minute just to talk.  She probably even saw my not so happy face.

But as she was putting her receipt in her wallet, she looked at the pop and saltines, then at me and said,  “You know what? I look at these and just want to say, I hope you feel better.” It took my by surprise. I was surprised at her thoughtfulness and kindness.  My attitude suddenly changed.  I said,”Awwww thank you! that’s so sweet of you!  It’s for my husband though. He’s really sick right now.” She replied and said,”Awwww I hope he feels better.  I just know how he feels. I’ve gone through what he’s going through a million times, and it is horrible.  I also always take pop and saltines when my stomach is not feeling well.  Please give my love to your husband.  I know you both don’t know me but please tell him, someone hopes that he feels better soon.”


I went home and told Nick about the lady at the store.  He said that that was such a sweet thing for a stranger to say.  I thought the same.  He drank the pop, ate some saltines and was better in just 10 minutes.  I know the stuff I got at the store made Nick feel better but the kind words of the lady made Nick feeling better extra special.

She made me think of how often I say kind words to another person.  To my officemates, friends, husband or even the person sitting next to me on the bus.  I may have done it a couple of times but I feel like I don’t do it often enough.  Sometimes we don’t feel like it because we had a bad day.  I look back now and remember the lady actually looked pretty tired, she was sweaty and seemed to be in a hurry too.  I was even right about her riding her bike home since I saw her cycle away from the store when she left.  I don’t think I get to say kind words to another person when I’m tired. But with that quick conversation that I had, I think we should always be ready with kind words. With just a few, it opens up something in us.  There’s a feeling of relief in knowing that we are not alone through our struggles.

I’m going to do what she did to me. I could be tired, sweaty and in a hurry like she was, but I will try.  You think you can do it too?

A Glimpse of our St. Paddy’s Celebration

Catching up on my posts and I didn’t want you guys to miss a few photos of what Nick and I have been doing.

My husband is a tiny bit Irish, I’m saying tiny because when I asked him how Irish he was this is what I got:

Me: “Babe, is your grandfather full Irish?”

Nick: “Emmm… mostly.”

I’m guessing most Americans are the same way. A tiny bit Irish, tiny bit German, tiny bit English… yeah pretty much tiny bit of everything.  Nick I’m guessing has a lot more Italian then German, then English.. then whatever European immigrant decided to live in America back in the day.

Back to what we did during St. Paddy’s.  On the day itself, it was a Wednesday. So Nick and I decided it was best we just make our Irish corned beef and cabbage at home. Have a Guinness and then call it a night. We already celebrated a big St. Paddy’s/birthday at an Irish pub the night before so it was best we just rested.

Killer Nick

Nick ready to attack the corned beef

corned beef & cabbage

Corned Beef and Cabbage w/ Potato Fingerlings

For the weekend we just went over to a friend’s house to see how Italian’s celebrated St. Paddy’s. I’m not sure if there’s a big clash of the cultures but hey, they’re an amazing Italian family who loves to celebrate anything!


Nick and Lowell


My friend Rebecca and her Dad


Rebecca's Stuffed Cabbage


Lowell's Meat Pie


I love Rebacca.. + the boy who wanted a photo then changed his mind

Who is she???

So I got a Facebook tag from my cousin and he tagged me to share applegirl002’s video.  I am not a musician, I don’t play any instrument or even use an iPhone but I am definitely impressed with this girl’s singing ability. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she can sing! I couldn’t help but laugh at all my guy cousins and brothers’ comments on the video on Facebook. They’re all drooling and wishing they know her.  She is gorgeous! We can’t doubt that.

I couldn’t help but do a little bit of research and sadly only found one other video of her that was not uploaded from her own YouTube account. I feel like a stalker. But I am really curious.  I wonder if she’s already a big pop star in Korea. And it’s only now that the rest of the world is finding out about her because of her amazing musical iPhone skills.  She tweets but even if the whole page is translated in English, I still can’t make of what she’s all about. I could get deeper in my research but I’m not going there. HAHA! I could wait a few days and someone will get the info we all need.

For now, all I can do is wait for her to post more videos.

Spring Has Come

I’m supposed to be in bed now but I couldn’t resist talking about today. Nothing major happened. I just wanted to document how thankful I am that the sun is out and on our shoulders. The flowers are definitely blooming and my allergies are acting up in full force. Not happy about the allergies but I will take it any day as long as the sun is shining on me.

Nick and I woke up this morning with stuffy noses and deep sexy sick bedroom voices. haha! We had our coffee and lunch (yes we slept in) and headed out the door. We were going to the Seattle Asian Art Museum but decided that the day was too nice to be indoors. So we decided to just walk around Volunteer Park and enjoy the day.

Driving to the park, we had the windows rolled down. It was actually the first time this year that we were able to do that. It was that warm. Dude 64F is major! We loved it!

We arrived at the park, we saw the cherry trees all beautiful and blooming. The people were out in the field laying on their picnic blankets, reading books, throwing frisbees, walking their dogs, riding their bikes and also people with their cameras taking photos of the flowers. It was spring and Nick and I loved it!

We walked around the conservatory and the park and then sat by the black sun, to enjoy the warmth and the view of the Space Needle.

It was one of those days when I thanked God that I live in Seattle.  I am sure that this is just the beginning of the many sunny days we’re going to have here. I can’t wait for the late sunsets, bbq with friends, after-work swimming in the lake and throwing frisbees at Alki. Camping trips will then come, hiking in the mountains and lots of play time in the sun.

Sun, shine on me. I can’t wait to spend more time with you. (Don’t worry peeps, I suncreen like crazy)