Spring Has Come

I’m supposed to be in bed now but I couldn’t resist talking about today. Nothing major happened. I just wanted to document how thankful I am that the sun is out and on our shoulders. The flowers are definitely blooming and my allergies are acting up in full force. Not happy about the allergies but I will take it any day as long as the sun is shining on me.

Nick and I woke up this morning with stuffy noses and deep sexy sick bedroom voices. haha! We had our coffee and lunch (yes we slept in) and headed out the door. We were going to the Seattle Asian Art Museum but decided that the day was too nice to be indoors. So we decided to just walk around Volunteer Park and enjoy the day.

Driving to the park, we had the windows rolled down. It was actually the first time this year that we were able to do that. It was that warm. Dude 64F is major! We loved it!

We arrived at the park, we saw the cherry trees all beautiful and blooming. The people were out in the field laying on their picnic blankets, reading books, throwing frisbees, walking their dogs, riding their bikes and also people with their cameras taking photos of the flowers. It was spring and Nick and I loved it!

We walked around the conservatory and the park and then sat by the black sun, to enjoy the warmth and the view of the Space Needle.

It was one of those days when I thanked God that I live in Seattle.  I am sure that this is just the beginning of the many sunny days we’re going to have here. I can’t wait for the late sunsets, bbq with friends, after-work swimming in the lake and throwing frisbees at Alki. Camping trips will then come, hiking in the mountains and lots of play time in the sun.

Sun, shine on me. I can’t wait to spend more time with you. (Don’t worry peeps, I suncreen like crazy)

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