A Glimpse of our St. Paddy’s Celebration

Catching up on my posts and I didn’t want you guys to miss a few photos of what Nick and I have been doing.

My husband is a tiny bit Irish, I’m saying tiny because when I asked him how Irish he was this is what I got:

Me: “Babe, is your grandfather full Irish?”

Nick: “Emmm… mostly.”

I’m guessing most Americans are the same way. A tiny bit Irish, tiny bit German, tiny bit English… yeah pretty much tiny bit of everything.  Nick I’m guessing has a lot more Italian then German, then English.. then whatever European immigrant decided to live in America back in the day.

Back to what we did during St. Paddy’s.  On the day itself, it was a Wednesday. So Nick and I decided it was best we just make our Irish corned beef and cabbage at home. Have a Guinness and then call it a night. We already celebrated a big St. Paddy’s/birthday at an Irish pub the night before so it was best we just rested.

Killer Nick

Nick ready to attack the corned beef

corned beef & cabbage

Corned Beef and Cabbage w/ Potato Fingerlings

For the weekend we just went over to a friend’s house to see how Italian’s celebrated St. Paddy’s. I’m not sure if there’s a big clash of the cultures but hey, they’re an amazing Italian family who loves to celebrate anything!


Nick and Lowell


My friend Rebecca and her Dad


Rebecca's Stuffed Cabbage


Lowell's Meat Pie


I love Rebacca.. + the boy who wanted a photo then changed his mind


  1. Keep up the posts babe. You’re a great writer and photographer, and getting really good in the kitchen too! Your blog is an inspiration. Who knows how many other people read this without commenting.
    So people, if you read this, leave a comment.

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