Chicken Wings

Dark meat. I love dark meat. And when it comes to chicken, my favorite dark meat on chickens are the wings. I don’t know. I feel like the closer it is to the bone, the more flavorful it is. And I’m also the type that doesn’t mind working to get to the food. Like clams that are still their shells in a linguine, or eating crab meat that’s still in the crab. I just love it!

One day, to surprise me, Nick came home with chicken wings.  Uncooked chicken wings.

Nick: Hey babe! I have a surprise for you!

He gave me the plastic bag he was holding and then I looked inside. I saw some uncooked chicken wings.

Me: Uh…ok. Chicken wings.

Nick: But I thought you loved chicken wings.

Me: Yeah! The cooked ones!

Nick: Well they’re you’re favorite. I was grocery shopping and I thought I’d get them for you.

Tanya: Ohhhhkayyyy.

Nick: Come on love, I thought you’d like it.

Tanya: I do but a good surprise too is that when I get food, I don’t have to cook it.

Nick: I’m sorry love. I just thought you’d like it.

Tanya: I do like it. It’s just… it’s just that it’s the first time someone has given me uncooked food as a surprise. That’s all.

Nick: Ok. Next time I’ll remember to bring home cooked chicken wings.

I guess this is what makes my husband charming.  HAHA!  Yes it’s sweet that he bought me chicken wings but I think he forgot the part about who’s going to end up cooking it.  Which happened to be me of course and I was happy I did.

I got the recipe from and adjusted it by adding 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to balance out the flavors. I wanted something easy to make so I used that recipe.


Establishing Shot


Medium Shot


Close Up

It turned out so good, Nick ate half of what I baked in one sitting.  His surprise ended up to be a good surprise for the two of us.


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