Moroccan Chicken Dance

No it’s Moroccan Chicken Smothered in Olives.

The chicken is not really from Morocco and I didn’t really smother it with olives. More like, I put the olives in the casserole. Don’t know why smothered is the word.  But hey, it works. It was an amazing dish!

I got the recipe from Saveur.  I originally was just planning on making some pasta with ready made sauce (sacrilege!) since I just got back from the gym, but Nick said he just bought some chicken and it’s in the fridge.  I came home went online to check and searched for some chicken recipes.  I found this and realized that I had all the ingredients!  I didn’t have the green olives so just substituted it with the Kalamata ones that Nick just got from Costco.  One thing I’m sad about is I forgot to garnish it with the parsley. I was too hungry that I completely forgot. Oh well, next time.


Moroccan Chicken Smothered in Olives

I recommend this dish to anyone who wants to make a fast hearty dinner. I’ve already decided that this will be one of those dishes that I’ll be making for our future little kiddies.

What have you guys been cooking for dinner?

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