Anniversary Adventure


St. Helens

This weekend, Nick will surprise me with an adventure we both have never done before. I am excited for what he has planned. I have to remember to keep in mind that whatever happens, I will try to not be whiny and to just enjoy whatever my husband has planned for our adventure together.

I told him I will try to be the best outdoorsy wife I can ever be. I say this because I am a city girl. The outdoors for me is the beach and water. I would kayak, ride the rapids and surf. But the mountains, yeah they’re God’s beautiful creation, but I like to be on horizontal ground. But that’s just me. I know I will learn to love it more and more. I just have to do it frequently.

Two things that are a must to bring: 1) Hiking Shoes and 2) Camera

I’m excited!

PS. For those that missed the photo of our anniversary spread last night, here’s a link

Update: Added the photo for a sneak peak on what we did. ūüôā Will post more photos soon.

Hitting the 4th Year Mark

It has now been 4 years since Nick and I made our vows.  How time flies! 4 years may sound like nothing to those who have been married for like 15 years and more.  But I guess they understand since they too have probably felt the same way Nick and I are feeling.

It has been 4 crazy and amazing years being married to the most wonderful man in the world. I can’t thank God enough for He has blessed me with a man that was more than I have ever dreamed of. ¬†I feel like I’ve said this last year and the year before that. Let’s try something different. Here are some of my thoughts on our 4 years of marriage.

1. The first year was hard (like most marriages) since we were just getting to know each other. Not just two people coming together as man and woman, but our backgrounds are totally different.  It was sort of, a clash of the cultures that we both had to work on.  Eventually, after that first year, things got better and better.  Now Nick knows me so much that we have become such a great team together.

2. There is nothing like marrying my best friend. I get to be who I am. Dance like a dork in the living room, make funny faces, walk like a clown, and do other crazy things and I know that my husband still loves me for who I am.

3. Don’t let ¬†a day go by without saying “I love you” to each other. I know actions speak louder than words, and they do, but for me, just hearing it everyday makes me feel more and more loved. I grew up in a house where we didn’t say “I love you’s” much. It’s the truth. Although my parents did a lot to show it and I know they love me but I felt like I didn’t hear it enough. So hearing it from my husband is such a breath of fresh air that I savor it everytime I hear it.

4. Selflessness and laughter are the things that I truly enjoy in our marriage. I struggle a lot on the first part and Nick’s really good at it but it’s something that I think marriages should have. ¬†Laughing together is such a great thing because we get to release the tensions and stresses of the day as we enjoy each other. ¬†We are both dorks so it works out really well. HAHA!

5. Taking walks together is not only good for our health but for marriage as well. There are no distractions, we get to enjoy the stars, and get fit at the same time.¬†Everytime Nick and I take our nightly walks we always end up with the best conversations. ¬†We would end up talking about our dreams, future little kiddies, the ministry we’d have as a family, and basically living the life God intended us to live. I’ve found that the only times that we both truly get to be open with each other is during our walks and talks in bed (Of course we don’t just talk in bed. Some amazing stuff happens there too. Hahaha!) I truly recommend taking long walks with your spouse.

6. I have been more in love with Nick than when we first got married.

I know I have a couple more points up my sleeve to write but I have to go to bed and spend the rest of our anniversary night together. He just finished his HW. So off I go. Good night everyone!

The Vanity Over Hair

caprice hair original

Ok seriously. ¬†How much does an average woman pay to get their hair done. ¬†After having it cut and colored (foil). ¬†I spent so much bucks getting my hair done yesterday I couldn’t believe I paid for that much. ¬†I wish my mom was here so she can just do my hair.

I probably get my hair done 3 times a year. ¬†I cut it, grow it out, cut it, grow it out. That’s the process. I don’t go to the salon to get my hair done for a wedding or some special¬†occasion. ¬†Just a cut and color, 3 times a year. That’s it.

I got my hair done at Babalouise in Ballard.  The person who did my hair is one of the people that started the salon.  Meaning, her rates are higher than the other stylists in the salon. Oh my gosh!!

Can someone please recommend another stylist that’s really good but I don’t have to pay too much money? ¬†The request may be out of this world but if you know anyone. ¬†I would gladly accept the suggestions.