The Vanity Over Hair

caprice hair original

Ok seriously.  How much does an average woman pay to get their hair done.  After having it cut and colored (foil).  I spent so much bucks getting my hair done yesterday I couldn’t believe I paid for that much.  I wish my mom was here so she can just do my hair.

I probably get my hair done 3 times a year.  I cut it, grow it out, cut it, grow it out. That’s the process. I don’t go to the salon to get my hair done for a wedding or some special occasion.  Just a cut and color, 3 times a year. That’s it.

I got my hair done at Babalouise in Ballard.  The person who did my hair is one of the people that started the salon.  Meaning, her rates are higher than the other stylists in the salon. Oh my gosh!!

Can someone please recommend another stylist that’s really good but I don’t have to pay too much money?  The request may be out of this world but if you know anyone.  I would gladly accept the suggestions.


  1. Hi! Please don’t even get me started about hair. I get my hair braided about once every 3 months and the total cost is about $300, plus 8 hours of sitting in a chair… not so fun!
    Love your blog!

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