When I was Small

Five year old girl climbs tree, New Zealand.

I was reading this and thought about the things that I did when I was small.  Everything was so big and far.  I always looked at trees with a challenge in my mind, wondering if I could climb it or not.  Now it seems like they’re just staring at me, asking if I’d like to play with them sometime.  I have refused because it seems so crazy trying to do that now.  When was the last time I climbed a tree?

I have stopped looking for ants on the window sill.  I have stopped collecting petals from flowers.  I’ve stopped running around and around our house just because.  I’ve stopped throwing rocks in the air to see how high I can throw them.  Have I really forgotten to do all these things.  Or does it seem so meaningless now? It was soo much fun! Why isn’t it anymore?

Fun is described differently now.  Computers and mobile phones have become such a distraction.  I have stopped playing without a care in the world.

I wish I was small again.  I wish I would have that moment to just be and not worry about what I’m going to eat, wear or people I have to see.

Summer is around the corner, I’m going to go out and play.


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