The Tears I Cry

day 11: a silent cry.

Crying.  It happens to me a lot.  Usually once a month.  Nick doesn’t get surprised anymore if I have my one good cry once a month triggered by something stupid.  Like if he forgot to bring me home some food that I asked him to.  Especially if it’s food that I have been craving for for a whole week.  And I’m not even pregnant.

I’ve been wanting to blog something about crying ever since a friend asked Nick if he thinks that I’m weak when I cry.  I was quite taken aback by the question.  I’ve never thought that crying was a sign of weakness.  I actually have more respect for people who are not ashamed to cry when they talk about something that is close to their heart.  I mean, women are the weaker sex but it doesn’t mean we are the lesser sex.  Physically weak, I agree with that, but our worth? It’s the same.

And I know that Nick doesn’t think I’m weak for crying.  He knows it’s my way of releasing the stress or emotion that I have boiling inside of me.  Yes, going to the gym, going for a run or whatever physical activity is also a good way of releasing stress, but sometimes, a good cry is ok.  You may look all puffy around the eyes the next morning, but you feel better after letting it out.

I know we’ve had people tell us some things are not worth crying about.  I agree with that, but what if it hurts so bad that there’s no other way to release it but cry?  You shouldn’t stop yourself from crying.  It’s ok to cry.  Having a friend’s shoulder to cry on would of course always be better.

After crying over something, I get to release my emotion and know I will be better after it.  I will cry then move on.  There are even studies that say crying is good for you.

I cry and I’m not ashamed of it.