Summer is Me

Nick and I have been enjoying our summer a lot. May not feel like summer today (It’s currently 63F) but I know it’s not over.  Sunny days are still coming and I can’t wait for more.  We’ve been swimming at Green Lake for 5 straight days and it has been wonderful.  I came into work today wearing a sweater, and because of all the swimming we’ve been doing since the weekend, it actually felt like Monday. I did not like that. But hey, our weekend made up for it.

My friend hosted a big luau at his house. He invited my capoeira group to come and perform. We did great by the way.  Photo below shows us, wearing white, with the hula dancers and the samoan slap dancers. haha!

Ready to Perform

Ashley and I in the roda.

Ashley and I

After the performances and the eating that commenced.

After the Performances

And the last photo below was taken last Monday night. Our friend Jonny, same guy who hosted the luau, invited us over to Lake Union to enjoy the sunset.  I had such a blast! I actually went swimming in the middle of the lake at 11pm.  It’s not all the time that I get to say that. I’ve got some stories to tell my future kids.

Lake Union Sunset

*Photos except for the last photo are taken by my friends.


Did I tell you that Nick and I are going to watch Matisyahu tonight? Oh yeah!!!

In the 4 years we’ve been married, it’s our second major concert that we’re going to, where we both actually like the artist. The first one was Dave Matthews Band. Which is my all time favorite band in the whole world. He bought the tickets on our first year of our marriage as a gift to me. 🙂

Tonight, we’re going to sing.. “Ah yoyoyoyoyoyo!!!!”