Urge to Cook

There are only 3 things I like about the cold weather:

1) Wearing boots

2) Wearing coats

3) Eating stews

It’s that time of the year when we get our summer clothes out of the closets and place them in boxes to be stored until the sun comes back next year. We replace them with our sweaters, coats and boots. It is also that time of year when I can start making some stews again. Well, I still made some stews during summer but not as often as I usually do. Which is almost every time I cook. How can a Filipino not eat stews with rice? It’s just so hard. Well in my case it is. I’m guessing it would be the easiest thing for me to do if I ever decide on going gluten free.

I’ve been craving for Moroccan food ever since our Moroccan friend cooked us some amazing stew with couscous. I couldn’t get that dish out of my head. And so I went online and decided that dinner for tonight is this.

Pumpkin Couscous

Photo: Andre Baranowski

I have a leftover pumpkin in the fridge that I didn’t get to use up after I made pinakbet the other day. Maybe I’d post a photo later on. Maybe not if I get too hungry and don’t have time to take a photo.

The sun is hiding today (sort of) but I’m looking forward to something good to eat tonight. That makes me happy.


  1. Your list of likes about cold weather is exactly like mine 🙂 but I need to add baking in there. Especially pumpkin recipes.

    I love couscous ever since I found this amazing Moroccan restaurant in France (hah, I know! :D). Whenever I try to cook couscous it goes horribly wrong. Those in the know make it so wonderful and buttery.

    • We are truly tropical my friend. Haha! Baking can’t add that to the list since I don’t really bake and I’m not a fan of eating sweets. BUT Nick does that for me so I guess it’s a balanced household. :-p

      I’m cheating though, I just make the instant couscous! Eek! But the stew, I can’t cheat on that.

  2. It’s getting colder here in Austria too and this stew looks amazing – tagine right? Ate a lot of tagine when I was in Morocco and I love the pots (also called tagines) that they’re made in, they come in so many beautiful colours…Staves off hangrrr for a long time too ;P

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