Pork (not really) and Fish for Dinner

Recently, Nick and I have realized that we haven’t been eating pork much. Which is not so bad because I don’t really crave for it and don’t even cook much with it. Unless it’s Filipino longaniza, I don’t cook pork. And because we’ve been hanging out with brain surgeons (we’re cool like that), we thought, “You know what? I don’t really like worms in my brain. We can skip the pork.”

So for what I made the other night (Nice segue Tanya… really nice), I made some mixed pasta (because that’s what I found in our cupboard) with Italian Turkey Sausage, spinach, wine, onion and red pepper flakes.

It was soo easy to make. I could’ve done it with my eyes closed. Ok, not really. But I just sauteed the onions and red pepper flakes with the sausages, poured in little bit of white wine and added the spinach in the end. Et voila! Easy peasy pasta in no time.


Italian Sausage and Spinach Pasta

As for the fish dinner last night. It was sooo delicious! It reminded me of my grandmother’s recipe. Every time she cooked this dish, I would ask her how she made it, but because I never wrote the recipe down I never remembered it. Good thing that Saveur posted a recipe for steamed fish that reminded me of my grandma’s cooking. I didn’t find the suggested fish to steam so I ended up with my trusty tilapia. It was a bit challenging trying to put in the plate on the wok but when I finally used my brain, I got it in there. Make sure you don’t burn yourself. Remember to use tongs and kitchen gloves when handling the plate.

On the photo below, I had a close up of the head, then realized that not all of my readers are Filipinos so I used that photo instead. ha!


Steamed Fish w/ Ginger and Scallions

My grandmother would be proud. 🙂


  1. That looks sooooo tasty! Yeah, I’ve cut down on my pork consumption… and meat in general 🙂 I’ve switched to almost entirely to gujurati vegetarian cooking (if we have to cook) and have meat maybe 1-3 x a week. Feeling better ^_^

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