The Nothing Box

365 - 65 - living in a box

Living in the Nothing Box

Nick and I had friends over for dinner the other night. They recently got engaged and are already planning their wedding this December. Throughout the night, we were talking about relationships, what we learned in our marriage, what they are learning about each other and so forth. And I ended up having to tell my girlfriend about the “Nothing Box”

She asked me what the “Nothing Box” was and I explained it to her by saying that with men, they have a place in their heads where they hang out and think of nothing, absolutely nothing.  When we ask them, “What are you thinking?” and they reply with, “Nothing.” They really mean nothing.

Her eyes opened so wide in shock that it made me laugh so hard. She said, “What do you mean nothing?! That’s not possible!” I told her, not to worry because  I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea either.

I learned about the “Nothing Box” through Mark Gungor’s, “The Difference Between Men’s Brains and Women’s Brains”

It is pretty funny. There are so many truths to it. I love the part when he said that women can’t go inside the nothing box. Hahaha! Oh how we just want to get in there and feel what it’s like to think about nothing. Nothing at all.

Two nights ago I asked Nick a question while I was folding our clothes, “Hun, is it really true there’s a Nothing Box?” I was thinking about it again and wanted to make sure that it’s not some sort of made up thing guys would do to not say something about anything. He laughed and told me, “That’s where I was just before you asked me that question.”


It is the one thing I will never understand about all the guys I know.


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