I’m Glad I Didn’t Walk Home

I know in my heart that I really am not made for this kind of weather.  Winter is my least favorite of seasons. And whoever put this tropical woman in Seattle needs some explaining to do. Nick???

Last Monday’s snow did not prepare me for how crazy and how long the night was going to be. Ok, I didn’t walk home, but I was in a car with an officemate for almost 5 hours. We did consider walking home, but I wasn’t dressed for it and I knew I was going to freeze to death.

I was really glad that I got a ride with my office mate because there were some buses who got stuck on the West Seattle Bridge. Who knows, I could’ve been in there and Nick would have no way of trying to get to me with our car that doesn’t have chains plus the roads were extremely icy.

With my office mate’s 4 wheel drive, we waited for hours on the waterfront trying to get to the West Seattle Bridge. That didn’t work so we turned around and took another bridge, which was clearly closed, we ignored the signs and still drove on.

We had to go south to go back up north to west Seattle. It’s kind of hard to explain if you’re not from here, but let’s just say we had to go around and around just to get to my house. We encountered a few hills but the car made it through. We made it through! We left the office around 5:30pm and got home around 10:30pm.

Thankful that I got a ride home, it also made me really happy coming home to some hot food and hot chocolate. Thanks to my husband. I guess that compensates for him bringing me here huh?

Check out the video below to get a gist of how icy and crazy it was that night.


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