Scenes from Leavenworth

I went on a trip with my friends to Leavenworth, WA. A tiny Bavarian town in Washington. It’s about 2 hours away from Seattle so it was a nice quick trip to see the Christmas lighting festival, and then come home that same day.

Nick couldn’t make it ’cause he had to study. Which is pretty sad ’cause it was my first time to go there, and I didn’t have him there to see me ooh and ahh at the sights and sounds.

Below are a few scenes from the trip.


Adam's happy to finally be there


Cute Buildings


My darling Alisha


This guy followed me around all night


Love how they're looking at different things


I had to take a photo of course


Loving the lights




It's snowing!


We needed something warm after the Christmas lighting




A photo before we leave


  1. Oh what a wonderful day. Leavenworth is such a cute place, to bad your hubby couldn’t go with you, next time though :). I love seeing pics of you and everyone and hearing about how your escapades and cooking delights come to pass.
    Love you lots!

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