Being Wooed

These past few days, my heart has been swelling.  Swelling with love.

God is wooing me.  Asking me to talk to Him and spend time with Him.  He has truly been showing me how much He loves me.  With the sunsets, with art, and with the people He is putting in my life.

He is inspiring me to be me.  Gently nudging me to where He wants me to be, to bless me, to love me and protect me.

I thank God that he speaks through sunsets.  I thank God He still hears my cries.  He hears my desires.

Last week, He gave me another sunset.  It was more beautiful and mesmerizing than the first sunset I showed you all.  We all stopped to take a look at it.  Even my boss stopped to take photos herself. Oh it was beautiful.  And I knew it was for me.

This whole weekend, I was surrounded by creativity I haven’t seen in a long time.  Theater, singing, dancing and film.  It was not just an awakening of the senses, but a calling I have ignored for some time. I will write. I will take more photos. I will act and I will dance like King David danced.

I am back because I am loved.

The Perks…

…of being a wallflower? Not really. But the perks of working by the water.  I was able to take a shot of the sunset last night. And I was glad I had my point and shoot with me.

The great thing about sunsets is that it stops you from doing what you’re doing.  You drop it and then be mesmerized with the colors, the clouds, the water, and the warmth.  It also always makes me think of how small I am and how big my God is.  Sunsets give me comfort in knowing that I am not alone. That I have a Father in Heaven who knows how to capture my heart.

Not So Lonely Walk

Nick and I found ourselves walking around his campus tonight. I couldn’t resist and had to take photos. I figured that if I want to get good with photography, I have to keep practicing everyday, even if I am only using my point and shoot. So here goes.

Night at SU-1

Looking at the photos. It seemed like it was a dead night on Capitol Hill.
Night at SU-2

I’m glad that I was walking with Nick because I wouldn’t want to be alone on this night, with my imagination.
Night at SU-3

Dancing and Hanging out with the Boys

What I thought was going to be a quiet Saturday night turned out the opposite. I think the last time I went dancing was in ’07 when a friend of mine performed with her hiphop group at a club. It has definitely been years.

At dinner Saturday night, I was talking to my new friend Sasha about how I loved dancing. She enthusiastically replied with a, “Me too!” We then found out a couple of minutes after dinner that the place we were at had a dance floor in the other room. We both got up and said to the boys, “We have to go dance at least for a little bit!”

And the photos below are what transpired from that night.




Then on Sunday, Nick and I decided that it was bout time we visited our friend Josh and Val, and spend time with their little one, Andrew.

I had such a blast watching the little guy even for just a little bit. He is the sweetest little boy. I think throughout the day he was starting to like me. To the point that he actually sat on me. haha!


He had a grand time playing with a sticker that was used as a name tag. He was laughing the whole time when he stuck it on his mouth.


He was sitting on me. I loved hugging this little guy.


Andrew’s bodyguards.


Josh doing something crazy like usual.


I think my husband is ready. :-p


Sometimes Snowy in West Seattle

It snowed last Tuesday. It came that night, then disappeared the next day. I think God did a good job of scheduling the snow right after work. So I was able to go home first, then it started snowing. That way, not a lot of people were stuck out on the streets trying to get to their respective homes.

When the snow was a couple of inches thick, Nick and I decided that a walk would be nice.

snow on sidewalk

don't even think about it

where to?



It’s a new year filled with lots of faith goals, art, photography and writing. I don’t do resolutions, have never done it and will not start anytime soon. But I am definitely looking forward to this new year with a fresh start. The end of this year didn’t really end the way I wanted it to. But really, there are just some things we can’t control. So we just move on, pray about it and hope for the best.

For the holidays, we spent Christmas at Nick’s parents and then came home the day after Christmas. We were supposed to go on a road trip to California but thought that a week won’t be enough time to visit friends and family during our stops all the way down to LA.

So we decided that the farthest we were going to go was in Oregon, to visit my good friend Liza and her husband. But that would only be during New Years Eve. So in between Christmas and New Years Eve, we spent a lot of time visiting friends and family in Seattle.

It was the best staycation because we actually slept in. Didn’t look at the clock much, and just enjoyed Seattle.


Excited to be out!


We met up with Nick’s high school buddy, Adrian. He lives in LA now. But he came up for the holidays.


We went to trivia night at a tavern somewhere. We only made second place. Oh well.


The next day Nick and I visited our friend Adam. He invited us over and made dinner for us. It was yummy!


The guys stuffing their faces.


A morning stop at Bakery Nouveou.


I got the twice baked almond chocolate croissant. Deadly and good.


Coffee and pastry. Good life.


We visited our friends and their kids. A picture with one of their kiddies, Deja.


We went to Outback for Happy Hour. We don’t really go there to eat but since we had a gift card. Why not?



Yeah salad but it was still heart attack food. haha!


We visited Nick’s best friend, Asrat.


Nick took me to Seattle Asian Art Museum. Yes, because I’m Asian.


I snuck a shot. :-p




Capitol Hill


At Joe Bar on Capitol Hill.


Another cup of coffee.


Prosciutto, mozzarella, and basil sandwich.


View of the Space Needle from Capitol Hill.