Sometimes Snowy in West Seattle

It snowed last Tuesday. It came that night, then disappeared the next day. I think God did a good job of scheduling the snow right after work. So I was able to go home first, then it started snowing. That way, not a lot of people were stuck out on the streets trying to get to their respective homes.

When the snow was a couple of inches thick, Nick and I decided that a walk would be nice.

snow on sidewalk

don't even think about it

where to?



  1. Thanks for this wonderful pics. Did you know i study 6 Month of University in Norway Philosophie & Biology?
    If you are in Northern Norway the Seattle snow is just a tear in Rain but i love it,Winter is my favorite got Silver in Snowboarding but 20 Years ago!Oh no, i am really already 43? (-: No,No, Noooooooooo

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