Dancing and Hanging out with the Boys

What I thought was going to be a quiet Saturday night turned out the opposite. I think the last time I went dancing was in ’07 when a friend of mine performed with her hiphop group at a club. It has definitely been years.

At dinner Saturday night, I was talking to my new friend Sasha about how I loved dancing. She enthusiastically replied with a, “Me too!” We then found out a couple of minutes after dinner that the place we were at had a dance floor in the other room. We both got up and said to the boys, “We have to go dance at least for a little bit!”

And the photos below are what transpired from that night.




Then on Sunday, Nick and I decided that it was bout time we visited our friend Josh and Val, and spend time with their little one, Andrew.

I had such a blast watching the little guy even for just a little bit. He is the sweetest little boy. I think throughout the day he was starting to like me. To the point that he actually sat on me. haha!


He had a grand time playing with a sticker that was used as a name tag. He was laughing the whole time when he stuck it on his mouth.


He was sitting on me. I loved hugging this little guy.


Andrew’s bodyguards.


Josh doing something crazy like usual.


I think my husband is ready. :-p


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