Being Wooed

These past few days, my heart has been swelling.  Swelling with love.

God is wooing me.  Asking me to talk to Him and spend time with Him.  He has truly been showing me how much He loves me.  With the sunsets, with art, and with the people He is putting in my life.

He is inspiring me to be me.  Gently nudging me to where He wants me to be, to bless me, to love me and protect me.

I thank God that he speaks through sunsets.  I thank God He still hears my cries.  He hears my desires.

Last week, He gave me another sunset.  It was more beautiful and mesmerizing than the first sunset I showed you all.  We all stopped to take a look at it.  Even my boss stopped to take photos herself. Oh it was beautiful.  And I knew it was for me.

This whole weekend, I was surrounded by creativity I haven’t seen in a long time.  Theater, singing, dancing and film.  It was not just an awakening of the senses, but a calling I have ignored for some time. I will write. I will take more photos. I will act and I will dance like King David danced.

I am back because I am loved.


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