Nick put this strip on our white board today and I found it so funny. Because not only is it true, that I need reassurance once in a while, but he does say things like this to me too.

Rose Is Rose

I didn’t mean to be constantly talking about my husband, and make you guys vomit all over yourselves, but since our 5th anniversary is coming up, I can’t help but contemplate about our marriage. How it started and where it’s going.

I do like where it’s going and I don’t need to be reassured if it’s going the right way.

…. right?


He Knows It

I know I married a good one because even without telling him anything, he packed my lunch and even cut up some strawberries so I can have it with my yogurt tomorrow. I’ve never asked him to pack my lunch, who knows he might skimp on some of the good cuts of meat. Ok, he doesn’t do that but what if I’m at work, I open the Tupperware, see that there’s not enough meat, then I’d die because of starvation. These things happen people.

The truth is, this is actually the second time he’s done it and I can’t help but feel sooo loved!  Also, he knows I love oranges, so he bought me a Costco sized box filled with oranges. I can eat 4 in one sitting.  Is there such thing as over dosing on Vitamin C? If there is, you should let me know.


Anyway, this is the reason why we don’t settle ladies.We wait for the best that God has planned for us. We don’t just get into a relationship because we’ve been so lonely for a long time and just want to be in one. Why do it when it’s just going to result into heartbreaks in the long run. Heartbreaks sucks!

I prayed for my future husband since high school, and when I graduated from college, I met Nick. He was the gutsiest man I have ever met because he had to go through my dad, 3 brothers and 9 uncles. Talk about the Great of Wall of China huh?

He proved to be such an amazing man. That’s why our 5th year anniversary is coming up and I can’t help but rejoice at how far we’ve gone. From crazy culture clashing on our first year of marriage, to him knowing me so well that I swell with love. Mind you I’m not the perfect wife and that’s why I’m part of a young women’s small group and we come together so we can learn more on how we can help make our husband’s the men they were destined to be.

in Oahu

Nick knows it. He knows the way to my heart. With just him cutting up some strawberries, it filled me with love, and now I am ending this sentence. Ah, he’s going to love this post.

Forget You

A little break from the usual posts. I wanted to share this video because I think they’re pretty amazing. I have Cee Lo’s album and Forget You is one of my favorite songs now. The original version I can do without. haha!

I just found out about Karmin through my cousin. They did a pretty mean cover yeah?

What do you guys think? Good huh?


Life Happens


I’m here. I’m alive. Had a great vacation. But life is happening. Busy. Schedules. Appointments. I hate saying I’m busy. I don’t like it when someone wants to schedule something with me and I say I can’t because I have something to do. I guess that’s what happens if you live in the city. Am I getting tired of the city life? It’s a sign that going back to island living is for me. Haha!

Hawaii was great. Photos to come. Stories of our adventures will soon be up. But for now. I am living the Seattle life for a little bit.

Nick and I have a couchsurfer coming in to stay at our place tonight until Wednesday. So until then, hope you guys are having a fabulous spring.

Whoever is looking forward to summer, raise your hand!