Don’t Tell Anyone

There’s something I learned about this whole trying-to-get-pregnant thing.

Never tell your friends that you’re trying! Actually, don’t tell anyone at all! Because if you do, everyone will ask you, “Are you pregnant yet?” And it has been happening for a while now. I don’t just get asked face to face but even on Facebook.  Even people that I didn’t tell that we were trying are asking me if I was pregnant yet. WHAT?!

This happened at church. Someone walked up to me (we’re not close) and asked me if I was pregnant yet. I said, “Who told you we were trying?” She says, “Oh so and so told me about it. We talk about these things you know.” UGH!!!! Mind you, this woman has had 2 kids already.

The thing is, if I was pregnant, did she think I’d tell her right away? I mean, this woman waited until her first trimester to announce she’s pregnant, back when she was pregnant with her kids. What makes her think I’m an exception? Shouldn’t she be more sensitive about these things?

Also, what makes her think I’d tell her if we are or not. We’re not close!

Just had to vent.




  1. Darling… People just want to feel that they are in the “know”… It is nobody’s business whether you are trying or not. Some friends always would say, “We’re practicing.” That would always make me laugh… I have no idea why others don’t learn that that is something for the person who is pregnant on their own time… Even I am at fault of that… I sometimes have caught myself about to ask that and have to remind myself that I don’t want people to ask me that question… So vent away, and maybe other who read your post will realize how not cool it is to ask that question.

    Sorry, cause I know I have done that to you in the past.. :)… You can surprise me from now on ;)… Love you!!!

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