Back to Blogging?

How many times do I have to resuscitate this blog. I keep having to revive it from the dead. I go months and months and months of not blogging so obviously all my readers disappear. Back when I was in college, I used to blog every single day. Even 3 times a day. Now, that I am 30 with a baby, who knows when I get to blog that much anymore huh?

If you still haven’t caught up to what has happened with my pregnancy. Check it out here. You will get to see my little miracle baby over there.

I thought about completely killing this blog but realized that I do need to keep it. I have decided to start with some projects that I will be working on and thought this would be a good place to document it. Saying projects makes me feel like I am a real domesticated diva momma.

As for my little boy, he will be documented on the other blog. I will leave a link to that blog on the sidebar to the right in case some of you forget the URL.

As for you my readers. If you’re still out there. Thank you for reading this and keeping up with the Loca. For now, I will leave you with a photo of me and my lovely little man.

Desmond and Mama


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