Nightmare’s: Fear Factory

I remember back when I was in grade school, it’d be around the time of Christmas vacation and the family and extended family would go to the Carnival. The Carnival was called, Payanig sa Pasig. Sadly, where they usually had the carnival is now a big strip mall.

I did had the best of memories at Payanig sa Pasig. One of them is of the haunted houses. My cousins and I, with the push of my uncle, would try and check out the haunted houses to see how brave we were. I was usually on the side of, “I don’t really need this in my life.” But with my very persuasive uncle we pretty much had no choice but to go through with it.

There was also this warehouse type haunted house where you get into this truck, the truck goes into the warehouse. All the lights are off and when they do turn on, you discover you’re in a cemetery. So what they’d do is that they’d have the zombies come out their caskets and the ground. They’d start walking over to the truck, thank God the truck was surrounded by a cage type thing so they couldn’t touch you. My cousins and I would be so scared but we kept on riding that truck every year.

What I didn’t know was how I looked when I got all scared. If someone took a photo of me then, and look at it now, I probably would be laughing so hard and I’d even post it here. But since I don’t have a photo of myself. I thought I’d entertain you guys with these. I don’t know how I found the photos but it was a very good find.

What’s up with all the guys using their women as shields?





And then it gets better….


I love the guy wearing greenpic0256


No words.. I have no words…


Summer Status

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Healthy but. . .

So last night I roasted some asparagus, roasted some beets, baked some fish and made Israeli couscous for dinner.

I ran out of fish for lunch today and decided to just put all the leftovers together.

I realized after eating my lunch that it’s not going to be so pretty in the bathroom later. Beets and asparagus, yummy in the tummy but not so sure about the after effects.

I just had to mention that.

No on Snow

I was complaining to my brother about how Seattle is going to get about 6 inches of snow by Thursday. I am not happy about that.  I have a lot of friends that love the mountains, the snow, and of course snowboarding but that is soooo not me.  This tropical lady needs to get out of Seattle ASAP!

As I was venting to my brother he says to me,  “At least you can make halo halo fresh from Heaven.”  I don’t have to shave the ice.  Haha!  Shaved ice from Heaven is a good way to look at it.