Cynthia Alexander Hitting the Seattle Music Scene

As I was going through my local coffee shop’s calendar of events I saw a name that I was very familiar with. Cynthia Alexander! I wouldn’t say that I am her number one fan or have been following her all these years but I knew of her music and have even sang along to a couple of her songs.  She is a big name in the indie music scene in the Philippines and I can’t believe I will be able to listen to her play right here in Seattle.

When she announced that she was leaving the Philippines to move to Seattle, there were a lot of tears shed from the Filipinos. She will be missed they said. It’s sad that she had to resort to moving out of the country just so that she can sell more of her albums. I hope and pray that she does, and make all of us Filipinos proud.

She will be playing at Starbucks on South Lake Union on March 28th at 5pm. I originally saw that she had a gig booked right next door from our place but as I checked their calendar, her name disappeared and is replaced by a teenager. Fine with me. I’m sure there will be more people going to watch her play at SLU anyway.

I hope I see I lot of you dear readers at the gig.

Seattle music scene, get ready for Cynthia Alexander.



Nightmare’s: Fear Factory

I remember back when I was in grade school, it’d be around the time of Christmas vacation and the family and extended family would go to the Carnival. The Carnival was called, Payanig sa Pasig. Sadly, where they usually had the carnival is now a big strip mall.

I did had the best of memories at Payanig sa Pasig. One of them is of the haunted houses. My cousins and I, with the push of my uncle, would try and check out the haunted houses to see how brave we were. I was usually on the side of, “I don’t really need this in my life.” But with my very persuasive uncle we pretty much had no choice but to go through with it.

There was also this warehouse type haunted house where you get into this truck, the truck goes into the warehouse. All the lights are off and when they do turn on, you discover you’re in a cemetery. So what they’d do is that they’d have the zombies come out their caskets and the ground. They’d start walking over to the truck, thank God the truck was surrounded by a cage type thing so they couldn’t touch you. My cousins and I would be so scared but we kept on riding that truck every year.

What I didn’t know was how I looked when I got all scared. If someone took a photo of me then, and look at it now, I probably would be laughing so hard and I’d even post it here. But since I don’t have a photo of myself. I thought I’d entertain you guys with these. I don’t know how I found the photos but it was a very good find.

What’s up with all the guys using their women as shields?





And then it gets better….


I love the guy wearing greenpic0256


No words.. I have no words…


Manila Rain


I’m not in Manila but all this Seattle rain reminds me of home. If only it was a little bit warmer, I’d be outside jumping in puddles. Running around, doing cartwheels and even consider shampooing my hair in the rain. I’ve done that in Manila and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Reminds of me home.” I have been saying that a lot. When I say home, I still mean Manila. I’ve been here for almost 5 years now and I still don’t consider Seattle home? I am not sure anymore. Home is where my family is I guess. My home is with Nick and with my parents and brothers.

My heart longs for laughter and teasing with my brothers. Oh how I miss that. I was talking to one of my brothers the other day, we were teasing each other and laughing so hard. He says to me, “I wish you were here because I miss this.” I miss it too. And it hurts being away from them.

Last night I was talking to a friend about the dynamics of friendship and family in different cultures. I told her that I felt like I was walking on eggshells most of the time here in Seattle. People are too sensitive, take everything so seriously and personally. While I grew up in a culture where we just make fun of ourselves and it’s ok. We laugh about it. I can’t tease anyone here. And if I do, I’d get the, did-you-just-say-that look. I’d be removed from their friend’s list and will be ignored forever.

Maybe I just need a break from all this. It’s only a week and a few days ’til Oahu. I can’t wait to be in the sun and recharge my batteries.

The Night of the Fight

This was the night that Manny Pacquiao won his 8th world title in 8 divisions. He made us proud to be Filipino!

I started cooking from 2pm and finally finished when I deep fried all the lumpia that I wrapped at my friend’s house, and that was at around 6pm. It was worth it. We ate. We shouted. We met new people and celebrated the victory of Manny Pacquaio.

I was so happy that my good friend Simson came to watch with us. I had no idea he likes boxing too.

My other capoeira friend, Ethan, came over to watch too. I lent him one of Nick’s Philippine shirts so he’d know what it feels like to be Filipino. hahahaha!

One of the great things of being in capoeira is meeting great friends like Giulia. She came and watched the changes that happened to Margarito’s face. From normal to looking like he was wearing a mask. Again, Margarito’s camp should’ve told the ref to stop the fight on the 8th round. They didn’t do that, so now Margarito has to get a big surgery to fix his broken orbital bone.

The aftermath of the lumpia that I made. That platter was full of lumpia. I was so happy everyone loved it.

After I took this photo, someone took all of what’s left in that pot. My adobo was a winner too.

The gang and Tanya Loca.

To celebrate Manny’s win. I made the guys eat some balut. We needed to keep with the Filipino theme and because they’re guys, a good competition is always present. After 7 years of knowing Nick, he finally had a balut. My friend Christian on the right, is half Filipino. Yet, it was still his first time to eat one. Ramon, on the left, didn’t really want to do it but because his son just ate it like it was no biggie. He had to do it as well.

It was such a great night I didn’t want it to end. Did you watch the fight between Pacquiao and Margarito too? Who were you rooting for?