It’s a new year filled with lots of faith goals, art, photography and writing. I don’t do resolutions, have never done it and will not start anytime soon. But I am definitely looking forward to this new year with a fresh start. The end of this year didn’t really end the way I wanted it to. But really, there are just some things we can’t control. So we just move on, pray about it and hope for the best.

For the holidays, we spent Christmas at Nick’s parents and then came home the day after Christmas. We were supposed to go on a road trip to California but thought that a week won’t be enough time to visit friends and family during our stops all the way down to LA.

So we decided that the farthest we were going to go was in Oregon, to visit my good friend Liza and her husband. But that would only be during New Years Eve. So in between Christmas and New Years Eve, we spent a lot of time visiting friends and family in Seattle.

It was the best staycation because we actually slept in. Didn’t look at the clock much, and just enjoyed Seattle.


Excited to be out!


We met up with Nick’s high school buddy, Adrian. He lives in LA now. But he came up for the holidays.


We went to trivia night at a tavern somewhere. We only made second place. Oh well.


The next day Nick and I visited our friend Adam. He invited us over and made dinner for us. It was yummy!


The guys stuffing their faces.


A morning stop at Bakery Nouveou.


I got the twice baked almond chocolate croissant. Deadly and good.


Coffee and pastry. Good life.


We visited our friends and their kids. A picture with one of their kiddies, Deja.


We went to Outback for Happy Hour. We don’t really go there to eat but since we had a gift card. Why not?



Yeah salad but it was still heart attack food. haha!


We visited Nick’s best friend, Asrat.


Nick took me to Seattle Asian Art Museum. Yes, because I’m Asian.


I snuck a shot. :-p




Capitol Hill


At Joe Bar on Capitol Hill.


Another cup of coffee.


Prosciutto, mozzarella, and basil sandwich.


View of the Space Needle from Capitol Hill.


Anniversary Adventure


St. Helens

This weekend, Nick will surprise me with an adventure we both have never done before. I am excited for what he has planned. I have to remember to keep in mind that whatever happens, I will try to not be whiny and to just enjoy whatever my husband has planned for our adventure together.

I told him I will try to be the best outdoorsy wife I can ever be. I say this because I am a city girl. The outdoors for me is the beach and water. I would kayak, ride the rapids and surf. But the mountains, yeah they’re God’s beautiful creation, but I like to be on horizontal ground. But that’s just me. I know I will learn to love it more and more. I just have to do it frequently.

Two things that are a must to bring: 1) Hiking Shoes and 2) Camera

I’m excited!

PS. For those that missed the photo of our anniversary spread last night, here’s a link

Update: Added the photo for a sneak peak on what we did. 🙂 Will post more photos soon.