Anniversary Adventure


St. Helens

This weekend, Nick will surprise me with an adventure we both have never done before. I am excited for what he has planned. I have to remember to keep in mind that whatever happens, I will try to not be whiny and to just enjoy whatever my husband has planned for our adventure together.

I told him I will try to be the best outdoorsy wife I can ever be. I say this because I am a city girl. The outdoors for me is the beach and water. I would kayak, ride the rapids and surf. But the mountains, yeah they’re God’s beautiful creation, but I like to be on horizontal ground. But that’s just me. I know I will learn to love it more and more. I just have to do it frequently.

Two things that are a must to bring: 1) Hiking Shoes and 2) Camera

I’m excited!

PS. For those that missed the photo of our anniversary spread last night, here’s a link

Update: Added the photo for a sneak peak on what we did. 🙂 Will post more photos soon.