Noodle Doodle

You’ll see that there will be more and more posts about food and eventually recipes.  For now, I’m just going to take photos and tell you what I’ve been cooking and eating.  Nick’s been pretty happy with all the cooking that’s been happening in this house.  Especially if it’s not him that’s doing it.  He gets to study and get fed at the same time.  That was my life back when I lived at my parents, I guess that’s just a dream now.  The good part is, Nick let’s me buy the ingredients I want, despite how challenging it is to find it.  Like the dende oil that I bought for my Moqueca de Peixe (Photo NOT by me) that I made last Saturday.  I assumed that oil will be available at the Brazilian store up in the U-District but when Nick got there, the cafe/store was closed. So he tried 5 other places and failed. I eventually got it from Latin Merchant at Pike Place Market.  I cooked the stew for Nick’s family and unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera to the island.  So I didn’t have a step by step photo process on how I made it. Next time.. I promise….next time.   But to comment on how good the Moqueca was… let’s just say, “Don’t be afraid of palm oil, because you don’t know how amazing it makes a dish soooo good!”

Here’s to showing you all that I made up for my previous noodle post.  That was really stupid of me to post that entry because it looked pretty disgusting and I know I have an option to delete it but I guess I wanted to show you all the improvements that I’ve made.


Noodle Craving No. 2

One of these days, I’ll take my noodle craving on another level and really make some ramen from scratch. Boiling some pork bones for hours on end.  We’ll see when i’ll get there but for now, I’ll be playing with my new dutch oven first. 🙂