The Night of the Fight

This was the night that Manny Pacquiao won his 8th world title in 8 divisions. He made us proud to be Filipino!

I started cooking from 2pm and finally finished when I deep fried all the lumpia that I wrapped at my friend’s house, and that was at around 6pm. It was worth it. We ate. We shouted. We met new people and celebrated the victory of Manny Pacquaio.

I was so happy that my good friend Simson came to watch with us. I had no idea he likes boxing too.

My other capoeira friend, Ethan, came over to watch too. I lent him one of Nick’s Philippine shirts so he’d know what it feels like to be Filipino. hahahaha!

One of the great things of being in capoeira is meeting great friends like Giulia. She came and watched the changes that happened to Margarito’s face. From normal to looking like he was wearing a mask. Again, Margarito’s camp should’ve told the ref to stop the fight on the 8th round. They didn’t do that, so now Margarito has to get a big surgery to fix his broken orbital bone.

The aftermath of the lumpia that I made. That platter was full of lumpia. I was so happy everyone loved it.

After I took this photo, someone took all of what’s left in that pot. My adobo was a winner too.

The gang and Tanya Loca.

To celebrate Manny’s win. I made the guys eat some balut. We needed to keep with the Filipino theme and because they’re guys, a good competition is always present. After 7 years of knowing Nick, he finally had a balut. My friend Christian on the right, is half Filipino. Yet, it was still his first time to eat one. Ramon, on the left, didn’t really want to do it but because his son just ate it like it was no biggie. He had to do it as well.

It was such a great night I didn’t want it to end. Did you watch the fight between Pacquiao and Margarito too? Who were you rooting for?