Maybe you were in a hurry. You were changing your socks and forgot you wore shoes. Maybe you thought a homeless person would find it and use it because they’ve been using their tattered hole-filled shoes for years.

The shoes are waiting nonetheless. Waiting to be owned by someone. Waiting for the weight of every step. A step that will take them on the adventures of life, of work of family. Maybe it will set foot in hot sandy Africa. Maybe it will be stuck in an office for 12 hours a day, only experiencing the feel of a sad carpet that will not see sunshine at all. Maybe it will not know another person and will find itself in a landfill to rot away. Maybe it will sit on the foot of a bed while its person loves on his wife.

Maybe. Maybes are possibilities. Possibilities of a new step in a new direction.

These black shoes are waiting nonetheless.

Not So Lonely Walk

Nick and I found ourselves walking around his campus tonight. I couldn’t resist and had to take photos. I figured that if I want to get good with photography, I have to keep practicing everyday, even if I am only using my point and shoot. So here goes.

Night at SU-1

Looking at the photos. It seemed like it was a dead night on Capitol Hill.
Night at SU-2

I’m glad that I was walking with Nick because I wouldn’t want to be alone on this night, with my imagination.
Night at SU-3