Teatro ZinZanni

A different kind of Christmas present was what Nick and I got this Christmas. Nick’s parents decided a theatrical experience was what we all needed and they were right. We had the best night dressing up, feasting, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the most amazing talents at Teatro ZinZanni.

Part of their gift was staying at a Seattle hotel so we didn’t have to go home right away after the show. It was such a great idea because most of the family didn’t live in Seattle. Nick and I were pretty much the only locals.


Getting Ready

We took a shuttle from the hotel to the theater so we had to take some photos before we left. Dressing up was pretty fun. I was able to borrow some feathery foofy stuff from Amanda, and it totally fit well with the whole theme of the night. She is the best go-to person for anything shining, shimmering splendid.


Super Excited!


Ladies of the Night




With the handsome man

Stace and I had to have a photo with the funniest lady of the night.


With the Fabulous and Funny Christine Deaver

Throughout the show, all I could think of was how awesome it would be if I worked there. I honestly wouldn’t mind being surrounded by artistry, theater and talented people day and night. I could be a stage manager too! Maybe after Nick’s done with school I can start thinking of another career. haha!