His Time to Go

Did I ever tell you that I went to Mexico for 8 days a few weeks ago? And that Nick didn’t come with me? I didn’t mention that did I? Well now you know.

Nick is on his one week of break before summer quarter starts so for his turn to leave the house and be away from the spouse and enjoy guy time, he’s making the most of it by camping for 3 days. He’s done this a couple of times with his guy friends and I’m still not used to it. I have always shared a bed with someone and being alone in bed is not something I look forward to. The only great part about this is that I get so much space. I can finally sleep diagonally without anyone complaining about how I take so much space.

I hope he has fun on his trip. I guess to make myself feel better, I’ll just imagine Nick sleeping in a tent while it’s cold and yucky outside. And here I will be in my Temperpedic bed under the warm covers.

Goodnight world! Goodnight Nick my love! Haha!